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About ICT Enabled Programs

Today computers in education are a focus of study in themselves and a support for learning and teaching. Both computer literacy and using computers as a part of educational technology are important.

ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in education has been gaining recognition and importance in the last decade. ICT creates an impact in the role of unified communication which is not restricted to computer systems but extended to the other communication platforms. ICT Programs acknowledge the need for students to develop higher order thinking skills and overcome the failure of classroom learning methodologies. Subsequently, it provides students with relevant and contemporary experiences that allow them to successfully engage with technology and prepare them for life after completing the university programs.

With Tamil University ICT Programs, students living in smaller towns can now access quality education and fulfill their academic dreams. The developing wave of adaptive learning will drive students with different intellectual capabilities towards a holistic learning process.

tamil university ict enabled programs

How it Works

  • The Student first needs to select the program of his choice from TU website Course page.
  • The Course page will display the list of documents required. The Student needs to upload all the documents mentioned in the Course.
  • The Student can then pay the fee via University payment gateway. All the transactions are secured
  • Once the admission is approved, the University will provide the Student with a unique ID and Password. The Student can then log in to their personalized course pages on TU Learning Management System.
  • The Student need to download the Exclusive Mobile App, where he/she can download the full course content online as well as offline and have the option to interact with the professors via messenger on smartphones. The offline mode of the course content can be accessed on SD Cards provided by the University without the need for any Internet connection.
  • The Students can view and learn from the lectures at their convenience and frequency. The Students will be awarded the Degree Certificate once they clear the University exams as per the grading rules assigned by AMU