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The Tamil University was established at Thanjavur, by the Government of Tamil Nadu on 15th September 1981 under the provision of the Tamil University Act No.9 of 1982, for furthering the advancement of learning and research in Tamil language, literature and culture. The University Grants Commission, New Delhi recognized the University on 11th June 1985.

The idea of creating a separate University for Tamil language was mooted as early as 1925 by the learned scholars of Tamil society. This idea took a concrete shape only in 1981 under the leadership of the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Dr.M.G.Ramachandran. He announced at the Fifth World Tamil Conference held at Madurai, that a University, exclusively to promote the high level research in Tamilology would be set up at Thanjavur, as Thanjavur has been the epitome of art and culture for centuries together.


With the inception of Directorate of Distance Education (DDE), a new era started at Tamil University. This University is serving as a cultural causeway between Tamil Nadu and people of Tamil origin living outside Tamil Nadu and abroad by conducting research and academic studies. Tamil University is serving as a touchstone to assess the impact and influence of Tamil culture upon every cultural region in India and abroad. With the university scholars, young and old, are working constantly for the enrichment of Tamil Culture and by judicious blending of ancient and modem traditions. Tamil University has started the DDE wing to take Tamil language and culture to every nook and corner of the world. In order to satisfy the long-felt needs and aspirations of the yearning students and those who want to pursue their studies and work, the DDE has been started. This Directorate started its academic services from 2005-06 in various disciplines. In 2012-13, 29 new courses were introduced. Many new courses are to be introduced in the coming academic years.

As a part of current development, Tamil University has now launched the ICT Enabled Programs. The rapid increase in internet connectivity has been a significant catalyst for the growth of the e-learning phenomenon. Tamil University’s has taken this advanced initiative to launch their popular programs online and at affordable fee so that higher quality of education can be delivered seamlessly to every nook and corner of India.